8 Top Dog Names and What They Tell About Their Owners

Did you know a dog’s name reveals a great deal about its owner? Yes, the top dog names have been looked over by experts and really cool and interesting findings have been made again and again. Our choice in dog names opens up a door to our own hopes, interests and values in a way that can be truly eye opening.
Top Dog Names

Let’s take a look at eight of the top dog names and what they tell us about their owners! Enjoy.

1. Bear

By all accounts, including the American Kennel Club’s, Bear is by far America’s most popular dog name. What’s Bear say about the owners who choose this name for their lovable doggie? Well first that they are all about outdoors fun and second that not only do they expect their puppy to be all about hugs and loving his family (like bears in popular culture), but also willing to defend their home if need be! Bear pretty much sums it up for a well rounded “man’s best friend” which may be why it’s our #1 popular dog name and has been for years.


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2. Lady

With the prim and proper dog name Lady, we have an owner who values things like appearance and manners and hopes their new puppy will deliver with dignified companionship! I’m sure we all know or can remember the type of person who has a sweet puppy named Lady on their laps or by their sides don’t we? This choice in our top dog names is not for a dog (or owner) without class and self-control that’s for sure.

3. Bandit

Now Bandit is clearly the name picked by an owner who puts a high value on mischievous fun – especially when that fun is sorely lacking in their own lives. Often, according to experts, a dog’s name will represent what their owner wishes they were actually doing rather than the sometimes drabness of work or school. Bandit’s definitely a stab in that direction here on our list of cool dog names!

4. Tiger

Tiger is a name that show’s our Fido’s owner is probably very into sports and likely an athlete themselves. They value these qualities and are hoping their new pet will display them as well. They are also charismatic and are comfortable in leadership positions. Pretty amazing a dog’s name can reveal all these things isn’t it?

5. Baby

Baby is a dog name that shows the owner is looking for both innocence and something to take care of in thecool dog namesir life. We can expect this tops puppy named Baby to be pampered and showed off, by an owner who is looking for something like a furry child to brighten their lives! Dog’s named Baby seem to often keep these endearing characteristics their entire lives when raised by owners who lavish such caring attention to them.

6. Max

When we have a dog named Max, Fred or other common “people” names our owners are looking for a dog to welcome into their home as a friend, pal and fun loving companion. Nothing overly dramatic or creative, but a name well suited for one of the boys! Max is always found in the top portion of top 100 dog names lists – a sign most Americans and Europeans have had a close friend named Max in their lives at one time or another.

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7. Angel

Angel is a name often chose by owners who may tend towards sadness who are looking for an animal to bring them an extra bit of sunshine into their lives. Their dog may be seen as a break from their daily blues or even depression according to experts. Many of our best puppies relish such an opportunity – further proof of why they’ve earned the title of man’s best friend again and again!

8. Lucky

A name chosen by a good natured positive thinking optimist! This top dog name is loved by people who can see the bright side of things in even the worst of circumstances. A puppy is sure lucky to find a home with owner’s who pick Lucky for a name! He (or she) will likely be surrounded by all sorts of wonderful attitudes.

We can see our choice of a dog’s name reveals a great deal of how we look at life in general and our relationship with our pets in particular. This gives us plenty of fuel for thought for when we pick our next doggies name doesn’t it? Did your own puppies name make the list? Or did you choose something a bit more out of the ordinary? Thanks for reading!

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