10 Herbs For Healthy Dogs

Milk Thistle - Against liver damage as best dog foods with herbs

You care for your pet – buying the best dog food , or make your own dog food already? Maybe you want to say no to drugs for your pet and like to use alternative health care for your dog now. Please have a look at some of my herbal recommendations. Combine best dog food with herbs 1. Milk Thistle – Against liver damage and improves liver function. Especially to […]

Dog Food For Kidney Disease

What is the best dog food for kidney disease?

What is the best food for kidney disease? Kidney disease in dogs is mostly a chronic condition and managing it through diet is very important. Once your pet has been diagnosed with canine kidney disease you will need to know what`s the best food to feed from now on. Chronic kidney disease (CRF) is the No. 10 cause of death in dogs. Best Dog Food If Your Pet Has Kidney Disease […]