5 Tips to Help a Scared Dog Overcome Noise Anxiety

5 Tips to Help a Scared Dog

Most dogs experience fear when exposed to loud or unusual noise. These noises that scare dogs may include thunder, fireworks, garbage trucks and others. For a scared dog, this anxiety often shows through emotional stress and unusual physical reactions. Some dog anxiety behaviors may be repetitive barking, extensive chewing, and property destruction, which may cause harm to your home and family. The worst thing that a scared pup could do […]

5 Purrfect & Pawsome Ways To Make Cat And Dog Friends

Pirate and Sunny cat dog friends

Making cat and dog friends so that they can live peacefully may not be possible if there is no human assistance. Nevertheless, with the right strategies, it is possible to make these two animals the best of friends. This sensitive procedure should be done using delicate and calculated moves. It is all about making the dog generally friendly to the cat and reducing the fear that the cat has towards […]

6 Tips To Decode Dog Behaviors

dog behaviors

It’s already hard to figure out body language of mere people. It becomes an extremely difficult task to figure out the meaning of dog behaviors. This means that you need to be more than just smart to be able to know what does your dog means in his own dog body language. You will easily understand the body language signals that dogs use. Dog Body Language Of course, there are […]

6 Signs Of Dominant Dog Behavior You Have To Stop Before It’s Too Late

A Dominant Dog Is Not A Cuddly Dog, from Cesar Millan

Dogs are truly mans’ best friends. The undivided attention, company and loyalty they give you are sometimes unbelievable. They fill in the gap of a human friend so easily. They never question your motives, never interrupt or tell embarrassing jokes about you to company. In short, having a dog in your life is so rewarding.  A Dominant Dog Is Not A Cuddly Dog, from Cesar Millan! Watch this video on […]