6 Furbulous Movies About Dogs

Movies About Dogs

As true dog lovers it’s often hard to change the channel when one of our furry friends crosses the screen isn’t it? Grab some popcorn, doggie snacks and let’s take a look at our top 6 movies about dogs. Good ideas for movie night with our favorite furry canine couch companion are right around the corner! Watch this video on YouTube   1. 101 Dalmatians. This was Disney’s best grossing […]

8 Top Dog Names and What They Tell About Their Owners

cool dog names

Did you know a dog’s name reveals a great deal about its owner? Yes, the top dog names have been looked over by experts and really cool and interesting findings have been made again and again. Our choice in dog names opens up a door to our own hopes, interests and values in a way that can be truly eye opening. Let’s take a look at eight of the top […]

5 Funny And Simple DIY Dog Halloween Costumes


Halloween season arrives and it’s ok to put a little fun into your home. What about trying to dress your dog with one of our funny Pet Costumes? The truth is simple; to create Halloween costumes for dogs you just need a few accessories to get your pet ready. Here are our suggestions for dog Halloween costumes. Wuff! Great Dog Halloween Costumes 1. Scottish dog costume. Thousands of people like […]

8 Cute Dogs You Can´t Resist

Cute Dogs

Okay, when we start a discussion about cute dogs we know it may cause a bit of controversy. So let’s admit: all puppies are adorable and all dog breeds have examples of doggies we just can’t help, but fall in love with. So our list of the top 8 cutest dog breeds isn’t etched in stone, just our favorites that flash to mind. If your favorite cute dog breed has […]

10 Absolutely Adorable Pics Of Puppies To Brighten Your Day!


We can’t help; we are attracted to the little, innocent, creatures. We just want them to be puppies forever. For you to enjoy – 10 pics of puppies to make you smile! Pics Of Puppies Photo 1 Puppies are curious by nature, and get into everything. West Midlands Police Photo 2 This cute pic of puppy is my link to paradise. Don LaVange Photo 3 You can’t buy happiness; you […]

10 Coolest Dog In Sidecar Pictures


Watch this video on YouTube   1. Absolutely this dog is the rider in his own sidecar! Alexandra Guerson 2. No matter where the ride takes us. Richard Masoner 3. So cool, wearing his helmet and goggles. Jordan Colley More Coolest Sidecar Dogs 4. This dog in a sidecar is making a great co-pilot. neon.mamacita 5. Dogs Making Man’s Best Sidecar Companions. Todd Lappin 6. I am ready, let’s take […]