Best Natural Remedies for Dog Arthritis

Dogs have almost the same muscular and tissue structure in their joint areas as humans do, so arthritis can rear its ugly head for them as well. Dogs suffer like humans and develop limping problems and pain when arthritis hits, but before we discuss the natural remedies for dog arthritis let’s see what exactly causes the arthritis.

natural remedies for dog arthritis

One of the main causes for arthritis in dogs is a weight problem. Excess weight can cause stress on their joints and if it continues, can lead to arthritis. If you keep your dog at a healthy weight, you can decrease their chances for developing arthritis later on in their life.

Injuries and accidents to their limbs are another cause of arthritis in dogs. These days’ dogs frequently suffer injuries from inappropriate exercise such as chasing Frisbees, extended periods of ball retrieving, jumping up, or too much swimming while dogs are built mainly for trotting and walking, except some intense sprints when chasing prey animals.

It’s also possible that some joint misplacement could happen with an injury or accident – a retractable leash for example, adds an extra jerk when a dog reaches the end of the line causing a neck trauma. It only takes one jerk to inflict a damage that can injure your dog a lifetime.

Poor nutrition can be another cause to their arthritic problems. Dogs need a well-balanced diet with the proper amounts of nutrients to keep their bones, muscles and tissues strong and healthy. Prolonged poor nutrition can cause their bones and muscles to get weak and they can start to degenerate, causing inflammation in their joints.

A dog is an active animal and will have bursts of activities that are healthy for them, but they still need proper rest for their muscles, just like humans do. Overworking of the muscles can cause strain on the joints and if they don’t receive proper rest, can eventually lead to arthritis.

There is in fact more than one type of arthritis that can affect your dog. First is osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease (short DJD). Second is septic arthritis, a type of joint inflammation that is caused by a bacterial or, less often, a fungal infection. Third is the immune-mediated variety, a type of arthritis, where the joint inflammation is caused by the immune system attacking the body itself. Forth is non-erosive immune-mediated polyarthritis (IMPA) which is separated into four sub-types which include drug-induced and vaccine-associated polyarthritis. Last is Erosive Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis.

Sometimes arthritis can be caused by diseases or tumors that can’t be helped. There are some diseases that come without warning and wreak havoc with a dog’s body, causing many ailments – including arthritis.

Natural therapies that can be beneficial to treat arthritic dogs include:

#1 Acupuncture treatments showed to be beneficial for some dogs with degenerative joint disease.
#2 Chiropractic care and proper alignment prevents your dog’s body from shifting into unhealthy positions in order to compensate for an injured or painful area. Which, in the end, can create even more problems.
#3 Stretching your dog can reduce the degeneration and prevent other soft tissue injuries.
#4 Massage works excellent to treat tissue inflammation and prevent secondary compensation in your dog’s body.
#5 Physical therapies like hydrotherapy in a pool, Cryotherapy (cold packs) and heat therapy as well as lesser known low-level laser or extra-corporeal shockwave therapy can also be extremely beneficial in keeping an arthritic dog mobile.

Natural arthritis medicine for dogs includes CPAs (Chondroprotective agents), like glucosamine, chondroitin, perna, S-Adenosyl-Methionine to protect the joints.

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Natural and herbal remedies for dogs with arthritis.

In addition there are several other natural supplements that you can add to your pet’s diet in order to provide the raw materials for cartilage repair and maintenance.
#1 Supergreen foods, like spirulina and astaxanthin,
#2 high-quality omega-3 supplements,
#3 turmeric or curcumin,
#4 natural anti-inflammatory herbs and plants like: Boswellia, Yucca root, slippery elm bark, licorice, meadowsweet and nettle leaf.

Best home remedies for dog joint pain.
A new 100% natural product called Antinol became available in the U.S. and works without side effects. It´s a unique blend of over 70 fatty acids including DHA and EPA which are all essential ingredients for the promotion of good joint health. Your dog should be showing significant improvements in about 5-10 days. While it works great it can be costly if you have a heavy dog.

Proper veterinary care to help alleviate some of the symptoms may lessen the pain brought on by arthritis.

Arthritis is a great example of where traditional and alternative/complimentary medicines can join together to benefit pet patients. A combined use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as Rimadyl or Deramaxx to decrease pain and inflammation, a healthy nutrition for weight loss, supplements such as glucosamine/chondroiton to protect cartilage in the joints and acupuncture to decrease pain and inflammation, as well as to relax the surrounding muscles, might work well too.

Sometimes old age itself causes arthritis. Your dog has led an active, robust life and now that he’s older, ailments common with old age will set in. Old age has slowed him down and he’s not as active as he once was. Dogs tend to rest, but too much rest can cause their muscles to stiffen a little. Try to keep them a little active to lessen the effects that arthritis can have on them.

Unfortunately arthritis is a progressive disease for your pet, but if you keep them comfortable and give them the proper treatments prescribed by the veterinarian, they can live out their last years in happiness. It is also important to routinely monitor your dog´s symptoms and adjust her arthritis protocol to meet the changing demands if needed.

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