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Use Natural Flea & Tick Control for Dogs

There are many different chemical-based formulas products out there, but as they could be harmful to your pet’s health, natural flea control for dogs is the safer choice.

Ticks, fleas, worms in dogs and other parasites are an annoyance for your dog and for you, not to mention they can cause health problems.

Fleas and ticks are very common among dogs and it is important that they be treated right away.

Keep your pets safe – chose your flea and tick treatments with special care!

1,600 pet deaths related to spot-on treatments with pyrethroids were reported to the EPA over the last 5 years. Have a look at the EPA’s evaluation of Pet Spot-on products.

So what is the best natural flea prevention for your dog?

And what natural remedies to rid your dog of ticks and fleas are effective and safe to use.

You can check out your local pet store or online shops. They offer many different products for your dog in regards to flea and tick care, made from all natural ingredients.

They have spray, powders, natural flea prevention shampoos, tags, supplements and squeeze-on and special flea brushes to remove them from our dog’s coat. There are some treatments that you can apply directly to the dog’s skin that won’t harm the dog in any way, but will kill the fleas.

This is my choice for natural flea control for dogs … and they have a special offer at the moment:

Another option for natural flea prevention is the special-made flea collar that helps repel the fleas but doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that could seep through the dog’s skin so there’s no risk with other pets coming in contact with the collar.

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What you can do – best flea prevention for dogs at home.

  1. Keep your dog and your home clean.
  2. Bathe your dog at least once a week and brush out their fur daily if possible.
  3. Vacuum the carpets in your home and keep the pet’s bedding clean as much as possible. Fleas and ticks thrive in warm, humid areas and they will lay their eggs in these places, so it’s best to vacuum these areas often.
  4. You can use products like borax or some dry powdered laundry detergents to sprinkle on the carpets to let sit for a few minutes and vacuum them up.
  5. But it doesn´t stop inside your house, keep your lawn mowed and keep any foliage within the yard trimmed back, so the fleas have a tougher time getting to your dog.

There are some natural flea remedies for dogs that many pet owners claim to work very well.

  • Garlic has been reported as an effective natural flea killer for dogs, but please use these treatment with caution, as garlic is toxic to dogs.
  • You can also try brewer’s yeast or
  • apple cider vinegar (mix 1 teaspoon into a quart of drinking water for a 40 pound dog) as natural flea control.

If you take all of the preventative measures possible, you can eliminate the need for chemical-based treatments that could be harmful for your dog. Along with that, use environmentally safe products at home and your dog will be much healthier. Make sure you do your research as occasionally certain herbs and foods with toxic effects on pet, but are safe for humans.

The natural items here are all reviewed and rated; see what experienced pet owners write about the Natural Flea & Tick Control for Dogs:

So please be careful with tick and flea prevention for dogs as a dog’s health is just as important as your family’s. The use of natural flea prevention for dogs is a safe way to a long and healthy pet life.

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