6 Furbulous Movies About Dogs

As true dog lovers it’s often hard to change the channel when one of our furry friends crosses the screen isn’t it? Grab some popcorn, doggie snacks and let’s take a look at our top 6 movies about dogs.

Movies About Dogs

Good ideas for movie night with our favorite furry canine couch companion are right around the corner!


1. 101 Dalmatians.

This was Disney’s best grossing movie of it’s time. The original 101 Dalmatians is an absolute Disney classic and a timeless addition to our movies about dogs list. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there’s new versions of this movie made even a hundred years from now. The story hasn’t failed to make generation after generation of children smile yet and it’s not likely to in the future either!


2. Benji.

It’s impossible not to start our look at furbulous dog movies without Benji leading the pack! Benji is about as classic as it gets and I’m sure brings many of us back to our childhoods with just the mention of the film. Telling the story of an adorable mixed breed doggie who gets adopted by a family and quickly proves himself a hero by fending off kidnappers and rescuing a child! Did you know the lead dog who played Benji, did all his own stunts despite being fifteen years old? Pretty amazing!

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3. Turner and Hooch.

Tom Hanks in a dog movie? What could be better? Turner and Hooch (a rare Dogue de Bordeaux) is both exciting and funny as Hanks has to solve a murder with his fido friend Hooch as the only witness. Real chaos and slap stick comedy ensues! Plus Hooch is absolutely adorable by anyone’s estimation.

dog movies labrador retriever

4. Marley and Me.

By far the most popular recent doggy movie and for good reason too. Marley (a Labrador Retriever) and Me tells a great story in a heart warming way. Marley is a packed with energy, stressed out furry hero who provides more than a few important life lessons for his owners, Don’t be surprised if you end up a little glossy eyed when watching this, Marley story is one of the movie dogs that hits nearly everyone’s soft spot.


5. Beethoven.

If you love Saint Bernard’s the Beethoven series of doggy movies is for you. Beethoven is a mischievous, but loving family pet who gets abducted by evil people looking to use him for animal testing. His family, however, isn’t going to give up on him or let him go without a fight. This leads to wild adventure!

6. Lassie.

Now you have your choice of the classic or the 1994 remake, because personally I adore them both. A great movie to get the generations young and old together to watch as a family because the timeless elements appeal to all of our dog and family loving instincts! Grandparents and grandchildren alike (and all in between) won’t leave Lassie without a smile and an extra bit of appreciation for their cuddly friend laying down at their feet!

Our love for dogs carries over into all areas of our lives, movies included! Was your favorite movie about dogs on our list? If not I’d love to hear about it!

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