7 Tips On How To Stop Dogs From Digging

How To Stop Dogs From Digging And Dog's Rummage

Stop dog digging easily! All you need to do is become familiar with these 7 tips in order to keep your puppy from digging up your yard to excess. Your Fidos may have been wreaking havoc on your tulip bed before, but with these 10 tips on how to stop dogs from digging, you’ll learn the things you need to do to finish your dog’s digging tendencies forever.

How To Stop Dogs From Digging Once And For All

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1. Keep Your Dog Entertained

A bored dog left to its own devices gets to choose what activity they’re going to do that day. Left to their own devices, how many tantalizing options do they really have? Maybe there’s a squeaky toy or something similar laying around, but mostly if doggies are outside, ground to tear up is readily available, especially on a manicured suburban lawn. Take your dog out every day to play games with them that both are engaging and tire them out. Many people don’t know how to stop dogs from digging. Sometimes it can be as simple as making an extra effort to make sure they’re not bored.

2. Give Your Puppy Attention

Sure, a little puppy is cute. When dogs are little they’re positively showered with attention. Adult dogs need attention and love too just as much. It may not be the best kind of attention, but when they get in trouble for tearing up the lawn, at least it’s a form of attention. Make an extra effort to spend time with your dog and pay attention to them by speaking to them, petting them, and playing games with them. A little TLC is all it takes to stop dog from digging.

3. Encourage Them To Quit

How to stop dogs from digging when positive attention isn’t enough? You can discourage hounds from rooting in the soil using some avoidance techniques. Some dogs hate the smell of citrus, so sprinkling the peels of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and oranges on the lawn where they like to burrow or where they have dug can avoid pets from digging and burrowing through several root layers of quality seeded grass. It’s an easy fix that has the added bonus of being all natural and free, if you buy a lot of citrus at the grocery store.

4. Sabotage The Process

stop dogs from digging - stop dog digging or burrowWhile you may not have been able to discourage your puppies from digging you a new space for a well yet, you also likely haven’t thought of ways to disrupt the process properly yet either and have to resort to filling the hole back in. There are a few tricks that will keep your dog from going back to his digging holes and continuing the job. One, dig up the area that your dog likes to dig in about five inches rummages. Then place pieces of slate in and cover, replacing the sod. Your dog won’t be able to move or dislodge the rocks and it’ll learn to give up or that its favorite digging place has been altered somehow in a way that won’t allow them their digging joy.

5. Create A Special Area For Your Best Friend

Box off an area with wire or have a fence constructed with enough square feet for your dog to be comfortable. Put some fresh dirt in the pen and bury some of their favorite toys (or maybe a few new ones) in the dirt. Your dog will appreciate getting to do that is in fact instinctual and gets their blood pumping and being able to do it without fear of punishment. A designated area will allow your dog to have some fun and get it out, but cease ruining your yard in the process.

6. Keep Your Dog Out Of The Sun

Many dogs dig because they’re hot and looking to escape the heat. The digging dogs are simply trying to fill a basic need to be cooler than they are. The unwanted behavior stops if you provide shelter and by keeping their outside water bowl full. If you don’t have trees to provide shade, you can purchase a dog’s shelter at your local pet store or online to keep your pup suitably cool.

7. Eliminate Opportunity

The final tip to abort the digging fidos ordeal? Covering up your garden and not digging the soil in front of your dog’s nose. Keep a fence up around your plot to keep your dog out and prevent the damage.

Now you know how to stop a dog from digging and save your lawn as well as a lot of time. Use these tips and enjoy the results!

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