6 Effective Ways On How To Stop Dog Barking

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, you need to know how to stop dog barking if your best friend ends up making a lot of chaos and noise.
How To Stop Dog BarkingThe truth is that dogs have one of the intense habits of barking. Generally, barking is a sign of friendship of familiarity. If your dog rushes to you with light barking, it means that the dog is behaving quite friendly to you. But when your dog is serious and barking loudly, it would mean that danger is around the corner. But there are also a number of times when your dog would bark for no real reason. How would you teach him to stop barking for no reason?

If barking at the doorbell, barking at the vacuum cleaner, barking at guests, barking when bored, barking out of the window and barking at other dogs or people when on leash drives you crazy….

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1. Understand The Reason

Before you actually begin with earnest attempts to stop illogical and unreasonable barking, you should try to understand the different types of the barking that a dog would do. This means that a dog would bark most frequently because he senses or sniffs out some faint whiff of danger like an unknown movement or an unknown scent. But if you have kept a dog for long and if you have observed him for a long time, you would know whether your dog is barking needlessly or for some warning for you as well. Therefore, try your best to understand the reason behind why your dog would bark needlessly.

2. Closing The Mouth

Now, a dog is not a fellow person to who you can shout and say ‘Shut Up’ or something like that. But yes, you have to learn the art of shutting up his mouth when he is barking incessantly without any breaks. This is again something that can be done in a proper dog training way as well. You can learn how to reach up to your barking dog and calm him down by caressing his nuzzle and make him feel calm and comfortable enough. You need to be gentle and considerate enough so that he calms down without any delay. This means that such things will help you to close a dog’s mouth. The mouth can be shut in such calm and mannered ways.

3. Using A Head Halter

There is also something called as head halter. This is a simple mechanism which can be wrapped around the mouth of a dog. This is something that is used to stop a dog from barking repeatedly. This is often considered as an explicitly extreme measure to stop dogs from barking. When for once you have understood what the main reasons are behind your dogs barking habit, you can choose to assemble the wrap around his muzzle to make it hard to bark smoothly. However, make sure that you do not really cause any harm or injury to your dog as a result. This means that you should use the head halter with a lot of caution and care.

Barking Dog

4. Rewards With Toys

Toys are much favored by the dogs. This means that you should ideally think of buying toys for your dog. It could be anything. It could be a rubber ball which can be tossed to a direction. This can instantly distract the dog from barking and it will make him run in a direction. You can also choose to carry a Frisbee which you can throw into the air into a great distance. A colorful and zingy Frisbee will effectively calm down the dog effectively in the best way possible. You can choose to show a toy when a dog comes near you barking in a terrible way. This means that you can choose to give the dog such a successful distraction.

5. How To Stop Dog Barking With Snacks

If you find that your pet dog is shouting at the top of the voice, you can also choose to remove some snacks for the dog to calm down. You can give the dog a single biscuit or a whole bowl of dog food as well. This means that you should best opt for carrying some dog biscuits or even a packet of dog food when you are out with your dog. You can distract the dog by feeding him something. However, if the dog is not interested in gobbling up snacks, you should know for sure that something is really wrong with your dog or something wrong is taking place here. This means that you can silence barking dogs with offers of food.

6. Be Affectionate

It is also very important for you to be affectionate and understandingly warm towards your pet dog. This can happen by giving the dog enough love. You should take the dog in your arms and caress him to make him feel at peace. You should also try to wash and clean your dog so that he does not feel unclean or sticky. Also, a dog may bark a lot if it is ill or if it is experiencing pains. Take the trouble to take your dog to a vet and get him fully checked for any health problem if all. This means that you should be highly considerate and understanding for your dog and make sure that is healthy and happy at all times.

How to stop dog barking – hope you get it done now. More dogs 101 here.

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