5 Simple Tips On How To Potty Train My Puppy

When it comes to reducing household messes, don’t let your puppy get used to making messes. Fortunately your puppy can be easier to housetrain than a teenager. That’s because a puppy – by nature – can’t stand to live in the same area with his messes.

How-to-potty-train-my-puppyYou can use that instinct to house train a puppy with minimal distress for both of you. A puppy that comes into your home directly from the breeder has adjustments that you have to consider.

Not only is the puppy in a strange environment, but he’s been taken from his mother and siblings. Where there were lots of little barks and playful activity among other puppies, he is now an “only dog” in a home where he must wait for your time and attention.

How To Stop Your Puppy Toileting Inside?

There are a few secrets to toilet training although much of the emphasis will always rest with you! Here are the facts about puppy toilet training:

Just as when a baby needs to go toilet they go, so it is with puppies – when a puppy needs to go they will go! So to start with you have to get them outside before they toilet inside. That is your job! If you fail, then blame yourself.

How to potty train my puppy? Listen to these great toilet training tips!


There are lots more tips and tricks on potty training tips for puppies that will assist you, but these are the real basics. Take a look at The Online Dog Trainer for more fantastic advice about how to stop any puppy issue by watching videos.

#1 Puppy Toilet Training Tip

The best way to show your puppy where you want them to toilet is to show them the correct place. The best way to do this is to take them out when they need to go and then praise them when they go. You will be amazed how quickly they will learn if you give them an amazing treat for going in the right place. Think of it like this if the treat is a little piece of cheese, your puppy will after only a few toilets in the correct place start looking for the cheese treat saying “Hey where’s the cheese I just toileted on the grass!”

At a very young age 8 weeks or so a puppies bladder is very small and they can only hold on for sometimes 30 minutes or so before they may need to go again. So you must be vigilant.

#2 On How To Toilet Train A Puppy

After a meal, puppies will often need to go within 60 seconds so always take them straight outside. You should also take them outside as soon as they wake up, as their bowls will start to move and also last thing at night.

#3 For Toilet Training Puppies

Associate a word that everyone in the house sticks to such as “go toilets” this way your puppy will start to hear the word and know what it means.

#4 Tip To Toilet Training A Puppy 

If you puppy does not go then be aware that they may still need to relieve themselves soon and restrict their movement to a smaller area that is easy to clean until they are taken outside and definitely toilet.

#5 In Potty Training For Puppies 

You should never rub a puppy’s nose in it to teach it a lesson. A puppy’s nose is 1000 times more sensitive than a humans and this will never teach them not to do it again. They will simply not know what they did wrong and do it out of sight the next time such as behind the couch!


Solve all puppy problems the kind and gentle way.

If your home is filled with children, then the puppy can actually be overwhelmed with attention and not enough time to rest. Be mindful that your little puppy has many adjustments to make in becoming part of your home and family.

If you’re crate training your puppy, everyone in the home needs to agree that this job is under the control of one person – or at least kept on a schedule. Otherwise, the whimpering puppy in the crate might be released by a well-meaning child (or another adult) and suddenly, there’s a mess on the floor.

Worse still is to wake up in the predawn hours of the morning to take the puppy out for a break, only to have to go looking for the puppy. Someone weakened and put the puppy in the bed. Unfortunately, the puppy needs to potty and the next pillow is as good as anyplace. Lesson learned – at least the lesson for the owners.

You may have to train the family at the same time you are training the puppy.

Explain how the dog’s instinct is to avoid doing potty business where he sleeps and eats. That’s why crate training is a kind of aversion therapy – so that the puppy will want to hold it until he’s taken outside for official potty time.

Then make sure that you don’t let your puppy spend time in his own mess inside the crate. If you constantly interrupt the housetraining routine, your puppy learns that you’re not dependable and he accepts living in mess.

Once that happens, you lose weeks’ worth of effort. So take advantage of the puppy’s instinct for separating his life functions. Who knows – maybe this will rub off on your teenager!

Take a look at this dog and puppy training guide for more helpful advice on how to stop any puppy issue by easily watching videos.

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