Home Remedies For Worms In Dogs – The Safer Choice?

Home Remedies For Worms In Dogs The Safer Choice

Worms are very common with pets, thankfully they can be treated – easily and gentle – with home remedies for worms in dogs. There are many chemical dewormers on the market, some of the newer chemical prescription de-wormers maybe quite safe, and most dogs will experience little or no negative side effects from a dose. But dogs are frequently re-infected within days of being de-wormed and it is one thing to give a chemical worm treatment for dogs once in a while or every two or three weeks.

While the mere idea of intestinal worms in dogs is quite repugnant to many of us, they are a common experience for our pets, and most puppies and kittens come into the world with a mild infestation of worms. Many adult pets may carry a small number of parasites without ever showing symptoms or having their health much compromised for their presence. Some intestinal parasites, however, can cause serious health issues if the animal is particularly weak or immune-compromised, or if the infestation becomes severe.

There are many signs of worms, for example: increased or ravenous appetite, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhoea, bloated stomach, bloody stool or excessive coughing and a poor coat. Worms are a dangerous condition, if left untreated they soak up all of the vital nutrients a dog needs to for life. However, as the signs of a worm infestation are similar to many other illnesses, some equally lethal, you better know what you’re dealing with before attempting to treat it. If you suspect that your companion may have worms, it is best to have a stool sample evaluated by your vet’s office to determine the type and severity of your pet’s parasite infestation.

Go natural with home remedies for dog worms.

There is a herbal formula, designed to help support the body expel intestinal parasites by dislodging them from tissues and helping the body move them out of the system. The special blend of herbs is intended to act as a vermifuge agent to terminate and expel pin-worms, tapeworms, and other parasites. Additionally it supports the stomach and aid in digestion, which improves the action of the formula.

Please read what experienced pet owners say about this natural remedy for worms in dogs: Wormfree Naturally right here on Amazon.

Other well-known home remedies for worms in dogs are:

  1. A 3 week natural pet parasite program with: black walnut, wormwood and clove powder. How to treat worms in dogs with this program? First you start with the black walnut by slowly increasing the dose depending on your dog’s weight. In the second stage you introduce the wormwood. Third stage is freshly ground clove powder to kill the eggs. A pet parasite program needs to last at least 3 weeks to get rid of worms and kill all stages – egg, larva etc. in your pet. It has to be repeated on a regular basis as pets are constantly exposed to new infestations no matter how well you take care of them.
  2. Diatomaceous earth (food-grade) is an excellent non-toxic parasitic too, you can use 1 heaping tsp for every 5 lbs. of pet weight for several days.

You should always be careful what home remedies for worms, or natural flea prevention you put into your dog. Make sure you do your research as occasionally certain foods or herbs have toxic effects on pet, but are safe for humans.

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