5 Funny And Simple DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween season arrives and it’s ok to put a little fun into your home. What about trying to dress your dog with one of our funny Pet Costumes? The truth is simple; to create Halloween costumes for dogs you just need a few accessories to get your pet ready. Here are our suggestions for dog Halloween costumes.

Wuff! Great Dog Halloween Costumes

1. Scottish dog costume.

Scottish Dog Halloween Costumes

Thousands of people like the shapes and patterns, kilts in fact have become very popular and the fabric to create this dog Halloween costume is very easy to get. A cute bow with ribbon and voila, your puppy will house Scottish

2. The lord of the pumpkin.


For this pumpkin dog costume you do not need more than an orange cloth to fit the body of your dog and a pumpkin head that can be very simple, maybe a Styrofoam ball cut in half and covered in orange fabric may be the solution.

3. Our little devil?

red devil dog costume

Sometimes pets are the imp of the house. What better opportunity to make that well recorded with a couple of picture postcards for next year. For this devil dog costume put a pair of horns and maybe a red garment and voila, your dogs will be the devil in the house.

4. Easy pet retro.


If you want something more retro to look at for your dogs Halloween costumes, maybe you should try putting just a few accessories on his head and around his neck. This time we have become very romantic with pink accessories, you can make any combination you want.

5. A puppy in the honeycomb.

dog-bee-costumeThe dog bee costume you put on your doggie in will cause no identity problem. Some yellow garments, a hat you no longer use, sunglasses and Voila! Your pup will be a cute bee this year.

If these are not the Halloween dog costumes you are looking for, please have a look at superman dog costume, pirate dog costume, spider dog costume, amazing star wars dog costumes, and many more “pet costumes” a great addition to any group look. Of course you will be able to get numerous sizes from small to xxl dog costumes.

It was fun writing this article to show you some simple ideas for dog Halloween costumes, have fun to make them a reality.

Happy Halloween!


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