Dog Friendly Travel Tips

Can you imagine placing your dog in a kennel while you are on vacation? Most people consider their pets as part of the family, therefore their pet goes with them on vacation. If you have decided to take your pet with you on vacation, then there are things you need to consider, the first would be finding a pet friendly hotel. You´ll get 5 recommendations on that too.

dog friendly travel tipsMaking Your Hotel Reservation

When making your travel plans, check with the reservation clerk at the hotel to verify that they do accept pets. You should also indicate the breed of your dog, as some hotels have restrictions on the size and breed. You should also ask about any additional costs or deposits that may be necessary if you bring your pet. Another question would be if you were allowed to leave your pet unattended in the room. The bottom line is to be sure you understand the hotel’s pet policy so there is no misunderstanding when you get there.

#1 Traveling to New York City together with your dog? Take a look at the 4* Dumont NYC at 150 E. 34th Street, Kips Bay, in Midtown East Manhattan New York. Pets are treated very well here they are provided with food, water bowls, offering doggie sidewalk bags and cat litter pans. If you are up to dine, there are many pet-friendly restaurants nearby. As a special service the hotel staff takes care of your pet while you are exploring the city.

#2 At The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles all that pampering doesn’t cost a fortune.  All they ask for is an additional $35 per night. They offer lots of pet-friendly amenities here like dog treats and personalized bone-shaped welcome cookies with your pets name on it. For a little extra fee you can also book dog-walking and pet-sitting services if you want to explore the night life.

#3 If you are going to the sin city, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas located in the center of the Strip even allows two dogs per room ($50 per dog/night). What I especially love here is the fenced outdoor area for dogs to play near the pool.

#4 At The Four Seasons Hotel in Boston pets that weigh 25 pounds or less are welcome for no additional fee. Nevertheless they provide great amenities, such as pet beds, food and in-room pet menus. If you want to do some sightseeing without your dog, pet-sitting and dog-walking services are available for an extra fee. For owners who want to some sightseeing around Boston, pet-sitting and dog-walking services are available for an extra fee.

#5 At The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado all types of animals are welcome. Here pets can enjoy lots of luxury amenities, including pet beds, water bowls and gourmet pet dining options, walking and pet-sitting services along with a pet-friendly trail guide and even a Puppy Jet Lag Kit to help  adjust to Aspen’s high altitude. The cost for such treatments are pricey, a $125 cleaning fee, plus an additional $25 fee per night apply.

Packing For Your Pet

For your pet’s sense of security, pack your pet’s favorite toy and food. Just like packing for yourself, pack any medications or vitamins that your pet may be taking. In addition, be sure to have your pet’s veterinary phone number on hand just in case there is an emergency.

Pet Identification.

Emphatically you would not leave home without any identification neither should your pet. Your pet’s identification tag should have the pets name, contact number, and immunization tag if applicable. Never let your pet out of your sight, tying them up outside while you shop inside could be detrimental for you and your pet. Someone could steal your pet, or even antagonize your pet to the point that they may bite. Also take an image of your pet with you.

Consider a Transportable Kennel

A portable kennel for your dog will offer a comfortable and secure place for your pet while you are out. In addition, it will eliminate any mischievous behavior and possible damages to the room. A portable kennel will put your mind at rest knowing your pet is safe and so is the hotel room.


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