7 Steps On Giving Exclusive Dog Baths At Home

Dogs are some of the nicest pets to have around; whether it is taking a ‘green walk’ down the park, or just for the sake of their playful nature, these canine friends have befriended humanity in all aspects of life. Dog baths are therefore essential to keep them clean and most certainly healthy in order for them to be around for long.
dog bathsThis will prevent them from having the nagging scratchy feel; help keep them stinky-free, and most importantly, from diseases. Having a regular dog bath is very vital for any dog of any breed or age. At first, your dog may try to resist but soon after learning and employing the following tips, your best friend will be happy and most of all squeaky clean!

Tip: If your dog is not used to or does not like dog bathing, be sure to give him/her a long walk before starting, in order to drain energy and reduce stress.

7 Steps on how to bathe a dog

1. Organize your workspace

Make sure you gather each and every item you are going to use; the towels, dog conditioner – if needed, dog shampoo, and sponge. When you have these items in place, lay them out in such a way that they will be at close hand when you need them, not in the way of getting splashed and kicked by the canine. Turn on the water and let it reach a level that wouldn’t drown your pet, keeping in mind that our dog friends have a more sensitive skin than ours. Maintain the water temperature lukewarm to warm.

2. Thoroughly brush the dog’s coat

This is definitely the best time for you to accurately inspect the coat, skin, or health for any issues while relaxing and connecting with your dog which would in turn reap better relationship fruits. In case you spot anything strange, for example ticks, you can visit a vet or just remove them on your own. Brushing also makes it easy when it comes to dog washing since the coat will be fine yet effectual to wash.

dog bath

3. Pick a good dog shampoo –

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Study your dog well to know the reason for the scratches in case it is always scratching. Know whether it is the parasites causing these, or just a simple skin irritation. If the problem is parasites, buy a good flea or a specified shampoo at a retail or pet store to deal with the problem. Otherwise pick out a mild shampoo or make one yourself since many dogs are allergic to chemical shampoos. Some of the recommended shampoos contain oatmeal which aid in reducing general irritation. In case you own a puppy, make sure he/she has aged enough for the shampoo you intend to use on him/her, puppies should be at least five weeks old before getting their fist bath. Rinsing the dog well after baths will also help reduce irritation.

4. Get the dog coat nicely wet and apply the shampoo

When performing dog baths, start from the head, massaging the shampoo into the dog’s creases, or rolls, on parts like under the neck and front legs. To obtain great results while doing so, use your fingers or thumbs to massage the coat in circular motion. Ensure that you correctly scrub all the areas that often get dirty like the feet and the abdominal area.

5. Wash the face and head

This is a more important issue if your dog already had, or has flea problems. If the shampoo isn’t ‘marked’ – meaning it will not sting eyes, use a warm and damp flannel, and then gently rub the dog’s face including under the chin. Using warm water is effective enough to shock fleas which will definitely get rid of some. The shampoo SHOULD NOT get in the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth during dog bath.

Although inside the ears is the best hiding situate for fleas, the big-eared breeds like Maltese, Bloodhound, Shih-tzu, among others are susceptible to serious infections if the ears are wet inside. You can avoid this by placing cotton pads into the ears and later using damp Q-tips, or a slightly soggy washcloth to clean the ears.
how to bath a dog 6. Rinse the dog well

This you are supposed to do until the water running from his/ her fur is clear. When this is done, do it once more. If the canine shies away from face rinse, you can use your hand to repeatedly bring water to the face from the faucet. A wet washcloth is also a better option to wash off the water using small circles.

7. Get the towel, lay it over the dog’s back, then rub him/her dry

It is necessary that you ensure the ears are dried well plus the body. A dog’s instinct simply involves shaking itself when wet, but this will not be as efficient as rubbing it dry using a towel. You can also lay a dry towel on the floor then use a hair dryer and brush (preferably a dog brush) to dry then brush your dog’s coat.


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