10 Dog Activities You Will Love To Share

People love to spend their spare time with their dogs. While most dogs enjoy spending time on couch when their masters are not around, they also need to explore some physical dog activities to make sure they live a healthy and fit life.

dog activitiesThere are various activities specifically designed and created for dogs to help them spend their days actively, but none of them can be accomplished unless you take out some time for your dog on daily basis.

Let’s take a look at some activities that you can do with your dogs to strengthen the bond and maintain good health together.

Dog Activities – Outdoor

1. Biking – Did you think only you were fond of biking, and no one else in your family! Well, you could probably be wrong! Dogs just love to ride on bike. However, you need to make sure that you take care of the security concerns before gearing up your bike. Tie your dog with a good harness and make sure you keep them hydrated, especially if you both are going for a long ride.

Watch the video for some great advice on how to ride a bike with your dog.

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2. Hiking Trails – Dogs just live to hike! You can look for dog-friendly hiking trails in your neighborhood. If you are unable to find any, then make use of internet to find hiking trails in your nearby areas. There are plenty of review sites that will guide you with some of the best hiking trails in your area. You can also read through some how-to sites to get the ideas about working out in hiking trails and dog care.

3. Go To The Park – Of course this is among our favorites, a lot of people do that. This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to spend plentiful of time with your dog. If you’re not comfortable taking your dog to any regular neighborhood park, then consider looking for dog parks in your vicinity here. You can given your dog a good walk early morning and play active games like balls, Frisbee and so on.

4. Vacations – We agree not many vacation destinations allow pets, but you can still find many pet-friendly hill stations and tourist spots that do allow dogs. It’s a fact that tourism industry has started understanding our needs to travel with our pets, thus there the number of dog-friendly tourism sites have been increased in the also couple of years. So go ahead and plan your vacation with your dog without any hassles.

5. Swimming – Did you think your dog was just too scared of water? Well, the myth is absolutely wrong. A lot of dog owners do take their dogs for swimming as well. Sure, not all swimming centers would allow carrying pet, but there are many with special arrangements for people with dogs. A good dip in the water is actually very good for your pet, as it will keep him hydrated and offer a pretty good way to exercise his body.
Please continue to part 2 with #6 to #10 of our favorite indoor Dog Activities.

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