6 Tips To Decode Dog Behaviors

It’s already hard to figure out body language of mere people. It becomes an extremely difficult task to figure out the meaning of dog behaviors. This means that you need to be more than just smart to be able to know what does your dog means in his own dog body language. You will easily understand the body language signals that dogs use.

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Dog Body Language

Of course, there are all these theories on wagging tails that say that a dog does that when it wishes to make buddies. Well, you should know better. Dogs don’t only wag tails. They also make some other movements and gestures with their body. These things should also be given a proper look. Here is a look at the universal body language of all dogs and what do they actually mean in context.

1. Relaxed Posture

Now, how would you make out that your doctor is perfectly relaxed and at peace? You should learn to pick up the little signs in dog behaviors. Firstly, you should notice that a calm dog has its body loose and its tail hanging down limply. If it is specifically tired and exhausted, its tongue will also hang out like its tail. Its eyes will be blank and the body will be calm and stable as well. If you find that your dog becomes like that, you can be sure that your dog is not really alert or aggressive at the moment. This means that you can be sure that nothing is wrong and your dog needs some good rest as well to be fit and alert again.

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2. Alert Posture

The alert posture of every dog is quite similar to the relaxed posture. However, there are some notable differences. One is that the tail feels perked up a bit and it does not hang lightly. Another thing is that the dog will no longer feel tired and fatigued. Rather, it will look tough and alert. Also, look out for the dog’s eyes. The dog’s eyes will be wide and cautious as if it has been alerted by some sense of danger or something like that. Look for such signs in your dogs behavior and if you manage to find them, you can be sure that your dog has sensed something unusual and has become perked up at the scent or at the feeling in his own environment.

3. Frightened Stance

There are times when the dog would feel extremely frightened and irritated by some unusual presence in his environment. In such a situation, the hairs stand on the edge in the body of the dog. The dog’s nostrils also end up flaring and expanding. At the same time, the dog’s tail becomes stiff and hard and this means that the dog is now being openly aggressive and irritated against other kinds of people as well. The dog may choose to submit by groveling on the ground which is his way of saying that he will no longer be on the offensive. Or he may also choose to be aggressive and confront the person or situation that is making him irritated and angry.

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Dog body language

4. The Angry Stance

The angry stance is, in some ways, an extension of the hostile and irritated stance that a dog would take when it is cornered or irritated by some people. This means that a dog would become angry when it decides that it should ideally confront the irritating and angry presence. In such a situation, the dog first tucks its tail between its legs. Then, it crouches visibly as if gearing for a big leap on a person. It will reveal its teeth and its hairs will be stretched out as well. Its mouth will also hang low. This dog behavior means that your dog is quite angry and is ready to spring upon anybody who makes it further angry in the future. This is one of the things to look out for.

5. Feeling Of Stress

Like human beings, dogs also feel quite stressed out. This means that the dogs end up feeling stressed and anxious for some reasons or the other. When this happens, in some cases the dog ends up sweating profusely, his entire fur become wet with sweat. The dog also starts showing distinct signs of becoming stressed out and becoming tired and fatigued. This is one of the main signs of stress and distress. Therefore, an anxious dog will show certain symptoms and effects in full force.

6. The Happy Times

There are some moments in the life of the dog when he may feel quite happy and spirited. Dog behaviors sign of happiness: the dog will end up relaxing, making his tail loose and start wagging it in perfect sense. When he does this, you can safely believe that the dog is quite happy and willing to make friends as well. This means that the dog will be quite happy to interact with the other people like his master and the master’s family as well. Your dog is in a sprightly and happy mood when he starts wagging his tail and there is a cutely serene expression in his eyes.

* Photo: Tyler Merbler

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