8 Cute Dogs You Can´t Resist

Okay, when we start a discussion about cute dogs we know it may cause a bit of controversy. So let’s admit: all puppies are adorable and all dog breeds have examples of doggies we just can’t help, but fall in love with. So our list of the top 8 cutest dog breeds isn’t etched in stone, just our favorites that flash to mind. If your favorite cute dog breed has been left off let us know!
Cute Dogs

Our 8 Cute Dogs In Detail

1. Basset Hound. How could you not smile when you see a Basset Hound puppy big ears flopping around and playful personality? It’s hard to think of a cuter canine. Cute little dogs as they get older too – distinguished and aristocratic with deep eyes that always seem like they know just a little more than a dog should! Basset Hounds are true American doggies beloved by one and all.

2. Pug. Now Pug’s have a squish face you can’t help, but want to kiss! Young or old pugs are cute dogs through and through. If you are puppy shopping and like the idea of a charming Fido who will nap next to you one minute and roll around in play the next look no further! Oh, and pugs generally adore kids too.

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3. American Cocker Spaniel. A smart, energetic, adorable doggie favorite of Americans since there’s been an America. It’s hard to think of a more loyal family dog. When the term “man’s best friend” was coined it wouldn’t be a surprise if the American Cocker Spaniel was the inspiration! A nice choice to adopt; since they’ve been sometimes over bred.

4. Saint Bernard. Now it would be hard fair if our cute dogs list skipped over our huge, but huggable canine companions. Enter the Saint Bernard. Loving, beautiful and protective there’s been whole books wrote about the Saint Bernard’s loving relationships with their owners come what may. Now most photos in magazine and online of Saint Bernard’s focus on their full grown stunning looks, but have you seen them as puppies? Be warned one look and you may end up Googling the number for your local breeder!

5. Shiba Inu. Yes, fans of Asian lovable doggies don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you! The Shiba Inu, which has about ten other names too including the Japanese Turf dog and the Shiba Ken, is the smallest and oldest of native Japanese breeds. It’s also by far the most wildly popular. How could it not be once you get a look at one? The Shiba is both beautiful and a perfect watchdog, praised for its loyalty to its owners and quick willingness to respond to any danger. Cute and a great guard dog too? Talk about a win / win.

6. Golden Retriever. I don’t know about you, but when I see a cute Golden Retriever even when I’ve never met them before I feel like I’m reuniting with a long lost friend. They just have the look and personality that melts barriers and boundaries. On top of that is their another breed more fun to play fetch with. With a Golden Retriever in the house, you will always have an enthusiastic adorable playmate ready to chase a Frisbee at a moment’s notice. What a great way to forget life’s worries.

7. Yorkshire Terrier. So sweet, tiny and lovable they’re often confused as a celebrity fashion accessory! Yorkshire Terriers love to be close to their owners come what may and the perfect companion for someone who appreciates that extra canine attention. Did you know for such a small dog they are considered by trainers to be very close to fearless? So you’re little furry friend is also a secret knight in shining armor!

8. Dachshund. The Dachshund, an evergreen among cute small dogs, is a dog that fully retains its five star cuteness rating from pup to adult. Try walking one around lots of people and see if 75% of adults and 99% of children don’t stop to show some love to your little pride and joy. What makes it even better is that they have a personality that matches their squish-able looks!

Coming up with our 8 favorite cute dog breeds was hardly easy. I think a top 100 would have even been quite possible. The main thing to always remember is that every puppy and dog is special and deserves all the love in the world. When you adopt a doggie you really are likely saving a life and definitely expanding your family with one huge hearted new child. Send us your favorite cute dog pictures; we would love to see them!

Stay with us for cute dog names in one of our next articles here.

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