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Hi Conny here,

if you are looking for the best dog food, then I am glad you found this blog and I strongly recommend you keep reading…

Because this is the story of a pet lover, who lost 3 of here lovely pets to early because of cancer within the last decade. Cancer is the cause of deaths for almost half the pets and the number 1 cause of death for older dogs these days. I don´t want this to be happen anymore to one of our pets and searched the web for answers. Surprisingly I found out that chemicals additives and preservatives in pet food are among the suspected causes.

With any canned food from the supermarket or pet shop I could not be sure if it would harm my dog or not. So I decided to cook my own homemade dog food in the future. You will find 2 of my recipes later. But the problem is you can not cook for your dog as you cook for your family. There are certain things that are good for humans but bad for dogs. So I was on the search for a book with all the essential information plus some easy to prepare dog food recipes. What I can recommend is Dr. Millers amazing 245 recipes.

But to be completely honest with you, even with an easy home made dog food recipe cooking for your dog is time consuming. There are days when I simply don´t have the time to do it, guess that could be happen to anybody. But under any circumstances I am not willing to buy any unhealthy pet food anymore. After a long research I found out about Dr. Glinksky´s pet food. It is freshly prepared dry food without any toxic chemical preservatives. You order and within 2 days you receive the dog food. To be sure it stays fresh, better put it in the fridge or freezer immediately.

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