Best Dog Foods?

Yeah all pet owners want the best food for their dogs and will go out of their way to make sure that they get a fresh, natural and balance dog food. With most families owning a dog, the commercial pet foods industry has grown to a multi billion dollar industry all around the world. The desire for easy to serve dog foods that is nutritionally complete has led many dog owners to feed their pets mainly on commercially prepared pet foods.

Best Dog Food - Basset HoundBest Dog Foods – Do You Really Get It?

However, it has now been observed that many canines are coming down with cancer or various autoimmune diseases that are affecting their kidneys and livers. A lot of research has been done on what could be causing this trend and the research points to some pet foods that are popular and are found in most major stores.

So why do some pet foods make your doggy sick?

The answer lies in what is in the pet food. Research has uncovered the gruesome details of what exactly goes to make the pet food we serve our animals daily. Most pet food is made from meat that is considered to be unfit for human consumption. This includes parts such as feet, entrails, lungs, kidneys, spleen, stomach, bones, blood, entrails, head and livers from animals such as chicken, cattle, goats and sheep.

It also includes animals that have been euthanized in animal shelters and zoos including dead cats and dogs as well as dead, diseases, disabled or dying livestock. All these sources of meat are rendered which simply means cooking them in extremely high heat then are processed into dog’s foods.

In addition to this disgusting habit of using inedible meat as the meat source of pet foods, various chemicals are also found in the pet food. These chemicals come with the meat in most cases. They come from all the animals that have been euthanized in zoos and animal shelters. Chemicals such as sodium pentobarbital are commonly used while euthanizing animals. Sodium pentobarbital does not break down even in very high heat and its residue can be found in a number of pet foods. Read the FDA Regulation of Pet Food here.

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Best dog food do you get it?

Best dog food do you get it?

This essentially means that the pets are being fed on food that contains chemicals that are used to kill them. In addition to this, a lot of the pet foods contain preservatives that have been added by the manufacture to keep the food fresh for longer. In some cans you will also find residues of herbicides, pesticides and insecticides that farmers use to increase crop yield. These chemicals get into the cans with the meat meal. Most of these farming chemicals are known to cause cancer in both humans and animals when ingested.

Looking for the best dog foods?

With all this information now public, many pet owners are concerned about the type of food their dogs are eating. They are now looking for healthy food for their animals. Some owners have even started preparing their own natural dog foods from scratch. This is a viable option but most people don’t know what doggies should eat to ensure they get the best food, a balanced diet and remain healthy.

No time to cook? Did you know that freeze-dried dog foods are the closest alternative to a homemade raw diet? Have a look at the best freeze-dried dog food here on Amazon!.

Get to know the brands that are safe and do not harm your dog, get easy homemade recipes that save you real money, keep your pet  fit and healthy.

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