Dog Food For Kidney Disease

What is the best food for kidney disease? Kidney disease in dogs is mostly a chronic condition and managing it through diet is very important. Once your pet has been diagnosed with canine kidney disease you will need to know what`s the best food to feed from now on. Chronic kidney disease (CRF) is the No. 10 cause of death in dogs.
What is the best dog food for kidney disease?

Best Dog Food If Your Pet Has Kidney Disease

Renal failure is common among aging dogs and usually appears gradually.

Food for dogs with kidney disease

In a few cases, it can appear suddenly and is then referred to as acute kidney disease. The symptoms of kidney disease in doggies usually appear when the kidneys have lost 75% of their function. The major symptoms are frequent urinating and drinking lots of water, loss of appetite, loss of weight, depression and apathy, bad breathe that smells a lot like ammonia. If you leave your pet untreated, then your pet may develop mouth ulcers, edema, vomiting, diarrhea, and in the worst case scenario, your dog may fall into a coma and die.

If you ask yourself what the best food for a senior doggy is that will ensure that your pet gets optimum nutrition while not overloading your dog’s damaged kidneys? Well the answer without a doubt is homemade foods.

But if there is not time to do, the next best option is commercial food for dogs with kidney disease.

For your convenience I have compiled a selection of commercial food for dogs with kidney problems right here on Amazon. Please have a look.

Canned food is preferable to dry food, as the extra moisture will help your dog stay hydrated, though you can add water to dry food and let is soak to accomplish a similar purpose.

Speaking of water, make sure to provide your dog with a clean source of water, as tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, lead, bacteria and nitrates that your pet should not be consuming. Go for non sparkling mineral water instead.

Always keep an eye on the label. Most regular commercial dog foods have around 1-2% phosphorus (on a dry matter basis”. A dog with “early stage kidney disease” should be limited to a max of 0.6% phosphorus (on a dry matter basis). At this stage your dog should be limited daily to a maximum of 30 mg phosphorus per pound of your dog’s body weight. This need to be reduced further if your dog is diagnosed with moderate stage kidney disease.

Is a diet low in protein necessary? Only if your dog is diagnosed “uremic”. If your pet is not uremic, then a moderate amount of very high quality protein is best (eggs and row or cooked meat).

Making homemade food for your dog is simple and fun to do.

What you need is a few recipes that will ensure that you make great homemade dog food for kidney disease that is full of flavor and nutrition. The best food for kidney disease is low in salt or any foods that contain phosphorus. Your canine will also need to eat food that has more fat and carbohydrates to give it energy. Depending on your dog’s blood levels of urea nitrogen, you may have to increase or decrease his/her protein intake. You will also have to ensure that his/her diet has a lot of water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and B complex. You also need to supplement your homemade dog food diet with fish oil. Fish oil contains EPA and DHA that improve kidney function and slow down the progression of the disease. Remember to include plenty of fresh drinking water to prevent your pet of being dehydrated. More on doggy health and pet’s kidney failure here.

Here are 2 simple recipes for you to see how easy it can be to make your own dog food.

#1 Cook 6 ounces of ground beef that has at least 20% fat in it and mix it with 6 ounces of white rice that is cooked in ½ an ounce of butter. To this mix you can add two cooked egg whites. Serve your dog when it has all cooled down. You can make large batches and freeze to serve later.

#2 Homemade chicken and potato recipe which is LOW in protein, phosphorus, sodium and high in potassium:
1/4 cup (72 g) cooked chicken breast
3 cups (370 g) potatoes boiled in skin
2 tablespoons (28 g) chicken fat
Additional supplements: 1 1/2 calcium carbonate tablets (600 mg calcium), 1/2 multiple vitamin mineral tablet.
This recipe provides 689 kcal, 18.9 g protein, 26.8 g fat, supports caloric needs of 21 to 22 pound dog, provides phosphorus 45%, potassium 301%, sodium 54% of a dog’s daily needs. You can add 1-2 cooked egg white to increase the amount of protein if your dog is not uremic.

Dogs with kidney issues often do better with feeding several small meals throughout the day.

Don`t waste your dogs time.

Once diagnosed, starting your pet kidney disease treatment early will help your dog live longer and have a better quality of life.

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By giving your dog the best natural dog food you can make your dog healthier and manage the disease by ensuring that your dog gets the best dog food to buy. Making food is easy especially when you have a great recipe book like the homemade recipes for dog food developed and tested by Christine M. Filardi, a certified holistic chef for animals. These recipes will ensure that your pet has the best food you can ever give it.

75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog - Homemade Recipes Here!

With a little love, care and the good food, your dog can live a long and happy life even with kidney disease.


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