10 Herbs For Healthy Dogs

You care for your pet – buying the best dog food , or make your own dog food already? Maybe you want to say no to drugs for your pet and like to use alternative health care for your dog now. Please have a look at some of my herbal recommendations.

Milk Thistle - Against liver damage as best dog foods with herbsCombine best dog food with herbs

1. Milk Thistle – Against liver damage and improves liver function. Especially to consider if your dog has been on any medicine that may affect the liver. But not recommended in pregnant animals.

2. Echinacea – For immune system disorders and infections, to properly and fully modulate the immune system. But caution is warranted if your dog has diabetics.

3. Aloe Vera – For minor irritations, burns, and scrapes. It also helps with conditions such as gas, constipation, and infections. If you use ready made Aloe Vera Gel, please check for the preservatives as Benzoic Acid is toxic to cats.

4. Passionflower – For its sedative effects. But do not use if your pet is pregnant.

5. Calendula Flowers – Because of their antiseptic quality used as a skin wash for the fast healing of of wounds, burns, insect bites, skin lesions, cut and abrasions.

6. Ginger – As a tea to cure an upset tummy, motion sickness, nausea and vomiting.

7. German Chamomile – Well known for its sedative effects. But in rare cases allergic reactions can occur and not recommended for pregnant animals.

8. Goldenseal – For its powerful antibiotic like properties used against eye infections or weepy eyes and for the treatments of stomach and bowel ailments.

9. Comfrey – Used internally and externally to speed up the healing of bruises, tissue and ligament tears, and broken bones.

10. Fennel – Great to treat respiratory infections and digestive problems such as gas and bloating.

Herbs for dogs are not all safeAnyway, I encourage you Not to use any therapy, natural or otherwise, without medical supervision. Because herbs are natural, they are not all safe for your dog. For example pure tea tree oil is toxic to cats and small dogs.

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Dog food combined with top herbs for a healthier, happier life.

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