The 10 Most Intelligent Dogs In The World

golden retriever

The vividness of our dogs can be amazing, but how to measure their intelligence? In this article we will show up with a list of the 10 most intelligent dogs. The dog intelligence test proved that even an average dog has the mental abilities of a 2-year-old toddler. But Keep in mind that IQ is fairly irrelevant when predicting how well a dog is going to work as a family […]

How To Brush Dogs Teeth?

brushing dogs teeth right

Your dog provides companionship and devotion to you without asking for much in return. In this article you´ll discover if it is really necessary to brush dogs’ teeth. You’ll want your dog to stay around for as long as possible, so keeping him healthy is important. The one thing most people forget about in taking care of their dogs is that their teeth also need to be taken care of.  […]

Home Remedies For Worms In Dogs – The Safer Choice?

Home Remedies For Worms In Dogs The Safer Choice

Worms are very common with pets, thankfully they can be treated – easily and gentle – with home remedies for worms in dogs. There are many chemical dewormers on the market, some of the newer chemical prescription de-wormers maybe quite safe, and most dogs will experience little or no negative side effects from a dose. But dogs are frequently re-infected within days of being de-wormed and it is one thing […]

Protect Your Pet – Natural Flea Prevention For Dogs

all natural flea prevention for dogs

There are many different chemical-based formulas products out there, but as they could be harmful to your pet’s health, natural flea control for dogs is the safer choice. Ticks, fleas, worms in dogs and other parasites are an annoyance for your dog and for you, not to mention they can cause health problems. Fleas and ticks are very common among dogs and it is important that they be treated right […]

Healthy Dog Food Brands – What’s Safe To Feed Your Dog?

any healthy dog food brands

With the unfortunate increase in pet food recalls, dog owners are wondering if there are any healthy dog food brands and what exactly they can feed their dogs that’s actually safe and won’t be recalled the day after purchase. Dog owners are kind of frustrated from all of these recalls  – is there any healthy dog food available in the supermarket? Because of this fear, many dog owners are now […]

Wet vs Dry Dog Food – What’s The Better Choice?

ask yourself dry vs wet dog-food

You undoubtedly want only the very best for your pawsome friend, so you ask yourself wet vs dry dog food what’s the better choice. When it comes to choosing the best for your dog’s diet, you have so many options available. It can be hard to determine which food will have the most positive effect on your dog’s diet and health. Which is better, wet canned or dry food? The […]